Update #1 :: Fall Bookish Bingo

Happy Friday, everyone! Friday’s I will be updating you guys on my Fall Bookish Bingo progress and updating my bingo board (which is subject to change if I decide to move some things around). It’s not too late to join! Fall Bingo lasts until the end of November! So if you’re still interested in participating, head on over to Pretty Deadly Reviews and get signed up!



Spaces Daubed

Free Space :: Free Space

Stand Alone :: Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson

Horror or Paranormal :: Marvelry’s Curiosity Shop by John Brhel

Suspense :: Only Daughter by Anna Snoekstra

So I’m not at all as far along with this bingo board as I had hoped I’d be by this point… all due to this crazy, insane reading slump I’ve been in for the last two weeks. (I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself by writing my very first TBR post on my blog.) But anywho (that’s a topic for another post!) – I’m still trying for those bingo’s.

I’m actually feeling pretty good since I finished Only Daughter today. I feel like maybe this two week long reading slump is gonna get off my back and I can get back into reading normally.

I’m still working on Confess by Colleen Hoover, which will work for the “Illustrated” square (which, by the way, the illustrations in that book are gorgeous!). And I just started reading Her Black Wings by A.J. Norris and that could work for the “Black Cover” square.




If anyone has any recommendations for the “Sea Creatures” category, that would be really awesome!


41 thoughts on “Update #1 :: Fall Bookish Bingo

  1. I was thinking about doing fall bingo, but I’m not sure if the books I already planned out for fall will fit into some of the slots. I should’ve bought a physical copy of Confess. I had no clue when I read it last year that it would have all those awesome pics. I almost want to buy it just for that. 🙂

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      1. To change your header image, click the top left button on your page where it says “My Site”. Then go to where it says “Themes”. Beside “Themes” there’s a button that says “Customize”. Click that. Then a menu should pop up and you would click where it says “Header Image”. And it should let you upload any photo you want. Hope this helps! If you have any problems or any questions, just let me know.

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  2. I’m so bumped my schedule won’t let me take part in this 😦 I don’t know how much time I will manage to keep for blogging so it’s better I don’t take any engagement. You’ve made good progress I think! 🙂 Good luck with the rest of it!

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  3. So happy you’re taking part in this…I need to update my bingo card! Ugh! Not enough hours in the day with work, reading, blogging, and now my mom up my ass about cleaning the house! I wish I had a time turner…save me, Hermione!

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