T5W :: September 21

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Lainey @ ginger reads lainey and is hosted by Sam @ thoughts on tomes. Each week we give our top five answers for the category given. For a list of monthly topics or more info on the meme, check out the T5W Goodreads Group.


This week’s Top 5 Topic is :: Characters You WOULDN’T Want To Trade Places With!!


Scott (Before the Fall by Noah Hawley) – In this book, Scott is in a plane crash and they land in the ocean… It’s up to him to swim himself and a young boy back to shore to get help. There’s no way I could physically swim miles and miles across the ocean… even in an attempt to save my own life (and someone else’s).

Brogan (Broken Pieces by Kelly Moore) – Brogan has been through so many horrible experiences with her father. She has spent all her life believing she killed him. Well, she didn’t. And he comes back to traumatize her once again.

Tessa (Seeing Evil by Jason Parent) – Tessa is subjected to violence and abuse by her father. Not only does he molest her, but he also forces her to watch him kill people and help him clean up the mess. It’s pretty sick, honestly.

Zack (Armada by Ernest Cline) – Poor Zack has to fight against aliens to save Earth. Not really a situation I’d wanna be in.

Maddie (Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon) – Maddie is ill. So ill she hasn’t ever been able to leave her house. Not only that, but her mom is a total psychopath. (If you’ve read the book, you know exactly what I mean!)


So, yeah! Those are some of my top characters I wouldn’t wanna trade places with…

What characters would you not wanna trade places with? Let me know below!


3 thoughts on “T5W :: September 21

  1. Everything, Everything is a really good book. You will enjoy the twist ending! As for the others, Before the Fall wasn’t the best… I probably would recommend it to you if you want to read a calm book with not a lot of action. Broken Pieces was a quick, fast paced read. And really good. I didn’t really like Armada very much. And Seeing Evil was pure horror… Which I loved!! Can’t wait to see how you like Everything, Everything! 🙂


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