How Did February Go?… // a Late Wrap Up

Happy March, friends! February actually went pretty well for me! It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a wrap up, on account of that dreaded reading slump I was forced into. But lucky for me, I have conquered the slump and my reading is getting back on track! So… since I read enough in February to do a wrap up post, here I am!

So what did I read in February?

Untitled design-2

I read a total of 6 books in February! Which is great, in my opinion. One of the books was a graphic novel, Monstress by Marjorie M. Liu, and it was by far the best book I read last month. (I’m not counting Harry Potter, since that was a reread.) I haven’t had a chance to get all my reviews up yet, but the one’s I did review, I will post those links below.

» Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson «

I rated this book 3 swords… and my review will be coming shortly.

» When The Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore «

This was a 4 sword book for me! And I’ve yet to review it. Should be up this week!

» A Darkly Beating Heart by Lindsay Smith «

Disappointed in this one, guys. 2 measly swords from me.

» Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling «

Y’all know I had to give this one 5 swords! A buddy read and my first time rereading this one… I loved it!

» Z by Michael Thomas Ford «

An unexpectedly good read! 4 swords!

» Monstress by Marjorie M. Liu «

Not counting my reread of HP, this was definitely my favorite read of February. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on Graphic Novels my entire life. Not anymore, though! 5 outstanding swords! Expect a review on this one soon, too.

That’s it for my February reading… let’s see what happened around the blogosphere last month…


Faves from Around the Blogosphere

 Amanda @ Cover2CoverMom posted her Review of George by Alex Gino and it’s a must-read review! Her review inspired me to go purchase this novel immediately. Check it out!

→ Emma Lauren @ Corn Reviews Books discusses whether or not Book Bloggers Are Too Nice?

→ Anushka @ Going Through Books posted a really amazing discussion on if readers Are Allowed to Enjoy Problematic Books

→ Krysta @ Pages Unbound makes a great Case for Reading More Non-Fiction

→ Mahriya @ My Bookish Life gives us a discussion (and a quiz!) on How You Define a Good Book Ending


How did your February go? Read any good books? Let me know below!


58 thoughts on “How Did February Go?… // a Late Wrap Up

      1. I have monstress but still haven’t read it. I’ve also been reading a lot of graphic novels recently. I used to read a bunch of DC comics way back but now I’m delving into other comic publishers, my current favourite being Boom! Box comics.

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  1. Looks like you had a great reading month, Megan! I really need to get back into reading graphic novels. I’ve added some to my TBR lately so hopefully I get around to a few this year. Feb was a pretty great month for me. I got a lot of reading done. I hope you’re having a good March so far! 😁💕

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    1. Thanks, Kim! Yeah, I quite enjoyed When the Moon Was Ours, too! I found it to be very unique and different. But in a good way! I’m working on my review for it now. It’s just hard to completely describe my thoughts on it, for some reason. But I should absolutely have it up this week. I’m getting behind on my reviews!

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    1. When the Moon Was Ours is definitely worth a read, in my opinion. Just don’t give up on it. Because at the beginning it seems a bit odd, and even slightly confusing, but it’s odd in a good way once you get used to the author’s writing. The only book I’ve heard of that you mentioned is Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, and I’ve been told to read it many times! So it must be good! I’ll check it out soon 😊


  2. Good job. I listened to over 20 audiobooks and I had 5 favorites:
    Paper Princess (The Royals, #1) by Erin Watt; Egomaniac by Vi Keeland; Stranger in My Arms by Lisa Kleypas; and Saved by Darkness (Darkness, #6) by Katie Reus

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  3. I had a so-so February…trying to get through my too many NetGalley ARCs and I’ve gotten bogged down in some of them. I gave up on monthly wrap up posts back in the fall…too much pressure, haha.

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    1. I’m behind on ARC’s, trying to get caught up, too. I forgot to mention that Piecing Me Together was a NetGalley title. I need to get a review up for it so I can send it in! Yeah, I did two wrap up posts when I first started my blog and that’s it. I figured I’d try to start again, since my reading is getting back to normal. I don’t know how long it’ll last, though. Lol 😂

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  4. Sounds like you had a productive reading month! Glad to hear that you enjoyed When the Moon Was Ours – I’ve been meaning to get onto that one but haven’t had time yet.

    I’ve reread Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone SO MANY TIMES, and every time I do it’s like a solid reading experience. It’s just all the nostalgia, I think. 😉

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    1. I did, Reg, thank you! You should definitely read When the Moon Was Ours soon… it was quite interesting and different (in a good way!). I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to reread Harry Potter… But there will definitely be many, many more rereads to come in the future!


  5. I’m really looking forward to reading When the Moon was Ours!! I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about it so I’ve got pretty high expectations…

    I don’t know what it was about February. I was also late with my wrap up :’)

    Nihaad | Read & Seek

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  6. You had a great reading month!!! My reading feels really slow at the moment and I’m not sure why. I read on the train to and from work every day, which is about 2 hours all up…however I still feel like it’s not enough, especially with all the books I want to read!!! Anyhoo, I hope you have a lovely March 🙂

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      1. Ok, I won’t spoil anything for you! Lol 😂 But I think you’ll love it, just like the others. I think my ultimate fave of them all is The Prisoner of Azkaban. Or Goblet of Fire. Geez, I don’t know… I love them all so much! ❤

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  7. Yay for 6 books down! I am very interested in your review for Monstress. I’ve never read a Graphic Novel, so obviously I’ve been missing out like you were.

    Thank you so much for sharing my review for George. It is definitely one of my favorite reviews I’ve written to date. I hope you love it as much as I did when you get around to reading it for yourself.

    Happy reading in March my friend!

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    1. Thanks, Amanda 🙂 You’re definitely missing out on GN’s, just like I was! The artwork is amazing… seriously. You have to try it! Hopefully it’ll be the next review I write after When the Moon Was Ours, which I’m about to post right now… Happy Reading to you, too! 😉


  8. I have only read one graphic novel, but I want to read more! I look forward to your review of Monstress, maybe you can convince me to pick it up 🙂 The other one I read was Blankets and when I was recommended it they didn’t mention it was a graphic novel. I only read four books (I think) in February so I look forward to reading more this month.

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    1. Congrats on your four books! And good luck in March! I’ve only read the one graphic novel too, but it’s not gonna be my last, that’s for sure! I’ve not heard of Blankets but I’ll have to check it out. For sure 🙂


  9. I think I have seen that tile Monstress but was not aware that it’s a graphic novels. Do you read that as a real book or ebook? I wonder if graphic novels shows up correct as an ebook. I haven’t ventured into that kind of reading yet hehe.. Looks like you have a great month Megan!

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