Saturday Special w/ Shanannigans @ Reads & Reels

Hello there, fellow nerdlings!

Welcome back to Saturday Special! If you’re unfamiliar with this feature, every first Saturday of every month I introduce experienced book bloggers and ask them “get to know you” questions, as well as questions about blogging tips and advice!

Today, we’ll be talking with Shanannigans from Reads & Reels!

Shanannigans is a cheeky book worm turned writer who loves all things paranormal and apocalyptic. She's a wife and mother who_s full-time job is to organize a household of messy but lo

1. How long have you been blogging?

Nearly a year and a half. It started with a guest post on another website and then I never looked back!

2. What is the meaning behind your blog name and how did you come up with it?

Honestly, no underlying meaning. I was looking for something catchy. Something that would be memorable to people and would describe what the blog was about. I also like the aliteration.

3. How did you get into blogging in the first place?

I was scrolling through Twitter one day and came across a tweet by a cool lady called “Book Babe”. It was about a book review and I commented on it, saying how awesome it would be to review books for a living (I’m a total bookworm). She responded with an ivitation to guest blog.

I wrote this little post on why people should read YA and she really liked it. Asked me to review something for her. This continued for a bit and I also started Reads & Reels because I loved writing. I now have a full-time gig at, Book Babe is a great friend, and of course I have my baby, Reads & Reels.

I should also mention that hubby has been pushing me to write for years! I finally listened lol 😉

4. What has been your biggest obstacle since blogging and how did you overcome it?

Probably time management. I have learned that in order for a blog to flourish, you need to deliver new material consistently. Right now, I am a SAHM to a toddler which is without question, the most time consuming “job” I’ve ever had. In order to read and write regularly, I started keeping an editorial calendar which I use religiously!

As my blog grew, I also took on a team of talented writers to keep up with the pace. Now, along with my team, we are able to provide posts on a daily basis 🙂

5. That sounds amazing! If you could give new bloggers a piece of advice about blogging, what would it be?

Try not obsess over the numbers. Easier said than done, I know, but it will drive you bananas if you judge the calibre of your writing by your traffic. Do it because you love it. The rest will come naturally.

The other thing I would recommend, is getting involved with the blogging community. We are an amazing group of people and nothing has helped my blog grow more, than all of you guys. Oh, and remember, Sharing is Caring!

6. What is the main thing you look for in a blog? What makes you hit the follow button?

Naturally, quality writing but I’m also a very visual person so the layout of a blog is very important to me. I love vivid, quality gfx and a format that is comfortable to read.

7. What are your favorite blog posts to write?

That’s a hard one! I guess book reviews, followed by the TV posts I do at my other gig. It is so much fun to gush about a new series like Riverdale. I also like doing tags, when my aforementioned calendar lets me lol.

8. The blogging community is pretty awesome. What is your favorite thing about the book blogging community?

Oh, there are so many things to love! Hmm, my favourite thing would have to be the new friends that I have made. Honestly, it’s wonderful to read each other’s stuff and then have a little gossip or discussion about it.

10. In your opinion, what makes a blog “successful”?

I know we all want the numbers. We say it doesn’t matter but it does and that’s okay. However, having lot’s of followers doesn’t necessarly mean the blog is successful. I think a successful blog is one that regulary promotes discussion. Something that connects with your readers on a daily basis, and inspires thought.

11. I couldn’t agree with you more!! How do you feel you’ve changed as blogger from the time you first started blogging until now?

Oh, man! I have changed so much! My writing has improved, the format of my blog is a lot sleeker and more professional looking, and I am so much more open to sharing other people’s work. Either via social media or by reblogging it on my own page. As a noob, I felt insecure about participating in our awesome community. Now, I’ve learned that taking the time to learn about other blogs and sharing work, is such a positive experience.

12. What is your favorite genre and why?

I have two — Horror and Sci-Fi. Particularly Dystopian Sci-Fi (I can thank Margaret Atwood for that) because seeing the darker side of human nature is fascinating to me. Maybe, I have grown cynical with age but I feel like we should probably take something away from these books so we don’t make these realities our future. Also, who doesn’t like a good scare?

13. I love me some scary stories! What book(s) are you most looking forward to in 2017?

One of the books I am really excited about it the follow up to Tani Hanes’ Before the Tempest. It’s called, I Cried So I Can Dream but I’m not sure when it will drop. I’m also really excited to read All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai. It takes place in the future, but the future people in the 50’s imagined. It sounds so cool!

14. That does sound cool! If you wrote a book, what do you think it would be about?

Realistically, I should probably write something gloomy involving an epidemic but ironically, I have been working on something for a while and it’s a Historical Romance. It’s about a young, upperclass, Canadian girl who falls for a sexy, wrong-side-of-the-tracks, kind of guy. A young Japanese boy, just before he is forced into an internment camp after WW2. It’s a horrible time in Canadian history and I think there should be more written about it.

15. What blog post of yours are you most proud of? (Leave a link so we can check it out!)

That’s tough! I don’t know if it is the one I’m most proud of, like ever, but I am pretty proud of my most recent book review on The Hard Truth About Sunshine. I loved the book and I am happy with how the review turned out.

Woo! Thank you so much, Shanannigans, for taking the time out to participate in this fantastic interview! I love the advice you’ve given, and hearing your story, as I’m sure our readers do, too! Thank you again! And readers, don’t forget to go by Shanannigans’ blog for more wonderful content!

If you’d like to get in touch with Shanannigans on social media, you can find her here:

Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Goodreads // Bloglovin’


That’s it for this Saturday Special! I enjoyed getting to know Shanannigans a little better, and I hope you did as well! Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you next time!


45 thoughts on “Saturday Special w/ Shanannigans @ Reads & Reels

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Megan. This sounds like an awesome feature. I would love to be featured someday but I’m still a baby myself. Keep it coming. Love getting to know fellow book bloggers and having great tips from them. 😀

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  2. Time management has been such an uphill battle for me haha. I am learning.. slowly. I think I do well with not stressing over numbers, but this is still such solid advice!! Fantastic post as always Megan! Fun to get to know others and how the handle the highs and lows of blogging. It is such an in depth hobby!

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  3. Great pick for your feature!! I love Reads and Reels! Great getting to know the human behind the blog! 😉 … Love your advice Shenanigans, and your historical fiction piece in the works sounds pretty fantastic! I hope your close to publish because I can’t wait to read it!

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  4. I agree. I think a successful blog is one that promotes discussion and interaction. You can have tons of followers but that doesn’t mean they’re all active or all actually reading your posts. I’d rather see comments!

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  5. Reblogged this on Reads & Reels and commented:
    Megan @ Book Slayer Reads, was kind enough to interview me for her monthly feature! If you don’t know her blog already, check it out! It has tons of really fantastic bookish content… and hello? She calls herself the Slayer, which is awesome!

    Thanks Megan xo

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